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Hopefully not stepping on toes, but I have some ideas on the back story and would like to share them in hopes they might proove of some use.

The Glitch looked out from under a mop of unruly hair
. . . " You see she said quietly it was OUR fault the Giants awoke"
It took some time for the others to calm down and she had feared they might lynch her before she had chance to explain.
An elder Glitch stepped forward, his face red and his fists clenched
"How dare you!" he yelled
"How could you, you were always know for kindness and yet now at our most desperate point you chose to turn the knife to thrust it deeper into our wounds and turn it . . . you are no longer welcome here "
He turned from her and she felt a cold icy hand grip her heart, a door slammed and for a few moments darkness and stillness surrounded her .
"Its true "

She continued, head lowered eyes shut, she did not know if any remained but she was going to share her heart no matter if it was only to the darkness.
When the Giants thought us back into the world, and yes we have been rethought many times . . . when they did they did so with such love that they gifted us our own imagination believing it would make us stronger and so it was, but what they didnt realise, what they couldn't know was that that very gift would be their undoing . . .," she chanced a quick peek grimacing at the harsh faces in the shadows,
never before had the Giants bestowed such a grand gift, not only imagination but the way to grow it to make it unlimited all be it it was with time and with effort nonetheless unlimited.
. . . "And oh how we loved it, yes yes we grew it and built it and celebrated how clever we were now, some even considering themselves more than just Glitchen . . .some feeling closer to Giants.

. . . And what of our Giants, what of Ur, we didn't forget them but we cared less, and as we grew away from Ur. The Rook saw its chance, it began slowly as all things do. In the less loved places they began and they were clever, after all they have done this many many times, unseen they started to unpick the fabric of Ur, they started to corrupt Ur .

They knew the power of dividing, to break the Giants and set some above others, It was so easy to corrupt us, we were so new and we did not understand that Ur needed balance, we did not know that by only celebrating Zilloween we started to fracture the balance.
How could we know?

It was not this alone that empowered the Rook, for the Giants were not angered by our love of Zilloween, they rejoiced and waited for us to Imagine more, even so some Giants rose higher and the orb of their imagination changed,. Where once all had been level now a pyramid formed and it was to its base the rooks attacked for they knew if they could waken a lower Giants they could topple the pyramid and thus wake all the Giants.

Its not known which Giant awoke first, nor exactly how the Rooks woke them, but it did happen and for the Glitchen or Ur the end was sudden and painful and yet in their waking the Giants blessed them bestowing a gift that might yet allow them back into the world, and so it is . . .

[ok so this is my idea so far, Its really just bare bones but hopefully some ideas as to how and why and also some thought provoking as to the future ,]

Balance for Ur, loving each Giant equally aka each Giant to have its celebratory day (days),
Care for Ur, more /better Rook fighting interaction, more/better (or worse) consequences for ignoring Rook attacks/ better rewards for defeating the Rook
Connecting to Ur, perhaps with linking home to specific street location or by a street adoption system, building in world community projects via feats/achievements/donations

A thought on real world events such as Christmas, whereas it is understandable to want to celebrate real life events in Ur we need to recognize that with our player base being worldwide trying to accommodate every event would be kinda hard, so what if instead we celebrate seasonal events with Glitchmas being one of these celebrations? Of course at the moment Ur does not have seasons so perhaps something like Fire Water Earth Air/Ice?


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    @Faereluth Although I like your writing style and rhetorical devices, I am just not connecting with the base of the content laid out. I simply don't feel (in my personal opinion) that the community posses the level of egotism, division and culpability portrayed in this writing. I must commend you, however, for the mentioning of holiday limitations, it's something I'd like to see expanded upon.

    If I were to see a back lore for the awakening of the Giants, I'd wish to see it reflect the positive aspects of the community that I remembered. I'd also like it to discuss some of the issues people had in game. An example follows:

    It was a joyous pool of imagination, that is what first attracted them.

    In their slumber, the Giants loved all of the trees, animals, mountains and crops they imagined. They loved the Glitch they imagined as well, and this love manifested itself into something wondrous, something deep. The Glitchen themselves took on the trait of imagination, using it to spread the love of the giants across the world of Ur.

    The Giants grew proud of their Glitchen, feeling the small parts of themselves resonate with each other and with the world they molded, but one creature did not resonate with this harmonious world. The misguided Rook fed on the imagination of the Giants and the Glitchen. As some Glitchen grew older, seeing Recurse Eve many times in their imagined lives, they began to pool imagination, it amassed in a lump too large to expend. This is what attracted them. Like scavengers to their meal they came. The Glitchen resisted with their best efforts, but such disturbances stirred the Giants none the less.

    Upon awakening, the Giants discussed their collective dream. They discussed the Glitchen they loved. Most importantly of all, they discussed what woke them up. They eventually came to a consensus, the Glitchen needed a way to burn imagination as to not have it pool, they also needed a way to take the resistance directly to the heart of the Rook, and it would be nice to have more holidays as well, since simply existing is reason for celebration.

    Soon after they finished their discussion, deep within their minds, they felt a collective yearning, a nostalgic desire to reconnect with the children they made. It was almost as if all the old Glitchen were calling out to them, deep from within the recesses of their own minds, and Glitchen yet to be imagined scratching at the surface of that infinite pool of wonder. Maybe it's finally time to go back to sleep.

    This lore addresses a major issue and makes room for new content

    - A desire to expend iMG at later levels

    - A central location to fight Rook

    - More holidays

    You can find a lot of ideas presented around all of these in the appropriate thread. I've personally liked all of them so far :D
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    @Faereluth Its well done, and i think why the Giants Woke Up, the Rooks part in it and the Gltichens role in it do need to be told, your version seems rather egotistical, and that doesnt fit with the game very well IMO

    @Sanosuto A bit too simplistic but more in line with the atmosphere of the game


    I do agree though that holidays and thier meanings need to be decided upon, we only really celebrated Zilloween, Glitchmas and Easter, which are similar to real world holidays the other holidays wernt decided upon what they were to be about though

    The Rook doesnt need a central location necessarily it DOES need a notification though when theres one happening, and where. It alos needs to be harder to defeat, and more consequences/ rewards associated with it

    Another kind of signpost for our homestreets to connect to Ur would be nice, anything more complex might be hard to implement

    Community Projects, i think should revolve around Temples

    Also could have things like Halls, that are community built. let the original builders decide the outside theme, but we can only add one when the population gets past a certain point, all deco can be re-customized(when rented), and ti would take donations to rent it. Could make them YMCA-ish etc common areas is for everyone but rooms can be rented out by ppl that run Groups only. Something like this would be nice and as how many we can have would ONLY go up when the population reaches a certain point, so we wouldnt have a system of potentially unused halls/clubhouses or the lag that another big house type system would create. Could add a note board /tackboard though, in each so ppl could post whatever notices even if its not hosted there. For more simple events there was always the party rooms and / or Towers and those we already have. The party rooms we already had had timers the difference would be that the hall is in a central in world location and you can customize the rooms, old party rooms you couldnt, although still rented

    I think we need more holidays too but we need to figure out what we already have

  • @"Lyrical Dejavu" that's essentially what I was shooting for :P I'm currently on my iPhone at work, which doesn't exactly agree with my clumsy thumbs. I'm also not yet sure if any admin has any idea in mind as to what the lore will be. I aimed to redirect the general content, but not get into excessive elaboration, as it may just be a wasted effort if it is unneeded.
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    Ah gotcha, and my YMCA exampel kinda sucsk i basically meant some common areas for genreal use and the rooms u can rent for Group activities, but regardless i think a community hall/ clubhouse/ meeting place should only be added when the population gets to a certain size for each one. And the party rooms we could rent before all had a timer the only difference here would be that you can cutomize the rooms, that and a in world location
  • There is new lore that has been being worked on for some months. It doesn't mean we're not open to new ideas, but it's certainly been thought of, and we even had a few holidays in mind as well (in relation to the other thread).
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    A backstory /lore of course would be being worked on, there was a long absence the Giants were asleep, i dont think anyone was thinking it wasnt or that you had to take any of our ideas. Were basically just tossing ideas out there., whether you use any of it is up to you, were not expecting you to. As for holidays with very few exceptions they were named but nothing was worked out as to what they are for, as in what wed do for them, upon the old closure they were just named, nothing more
  • I know, I just wanted to assure everyone that it has been considered in reference to Sanotsuto's comment. I was going to point our primary author to this thread. :)
  • And she spake of the devil, and lo! she appeared. ;)

    Hi, I'm what the team have been pleased to call the 'Tamer of Tales'.

    As Lady C says, I've been sketching ideas out for a while, and have occasionally been asking the technical people 'Could we do this? Or this? Or this?' to see if the ideas work, and they've said, 'Yeah, sure, easy' or 'Um... Well, we *could*, I suppose, why?' So yes, the lore of the Awakening is in progress and most of these elements have been discussed. It's great that there's enthusiasm for the lore, as the story/world building was one of the really special things about Glitch. So do please keep chucking ideas around - I'll check in to the forums and read them. Or you can send me a PM, if you like.

    But - just as a caveat - as LadyC says, we've been chucking ideas around for a while, so I would hate people to get upset because 'Hey, they used my idea!' (We may have already come up with something similar) or 'Hey, that was a cool idea and they didn't use it! (We may have decided to go down a different route, or maybe couldn't find a way for the tech to support it).

  • @ladyceres @schiehallion23 It's awesome to know that there is a person who is majorly dedicated to writing lore/back stories. I wasn't sure as I hadn't seen it clarified anywhere else, but I am glad to now know that such a person exists! Can we get any hints, or is it too early for that? :D
  • @sanotsuto Yes, I'm a bit of a Woman of Mystery *swishes cloak* but I definitely exist :)

    As to hints... probably not too much I can say until I've run more stuff past the technical wizards (how the story develops depends on what storytelling mechanisms we have available and I'm a writer, so know practically nothing about these matters) but it's fair to say that there will definitely be a 'story' behind the awakening and the return of Ur, that the process of learning about this story might involve a certain amount of in-game legwork, and that a lot of the elements mentioned in this thread are currently in play.

    *cackles mysteriously and disappears in puff of smoke*
  • @schiehallion23 I can appreciate a bit of mystique, it makes things interesting.

    That's understandable, it takes a village to create the world of Ur, and if your brain capacity is expended fully on writing, it'd typically be safe to assume it wouldn't be on more technical aspects, but that's the beauty of this, a group of people coming together to apply what skills they have to make something wonderful. I think it'd be neat to apply an in-game lore discovery, it'd be more immersive to take in some at a time instead of having a big lore dump at the beginning of the game. I can't be sure which elements are in play, but I have faith in you all :D

    *splits in half, as all realize he was actually just a log wearing clothes*
  • Wait u wear clothes?darn ive been doing it all wrong all this time xD
  • I am sorry my ideas were seen as egotistical, they most definitely weren't meant to be, that was not the experience of Glitch that I knew and loved, so I apologize for my poor writing skills if that is how it seemed.

  • @Faereluth you don't have poor writing skills at all, it simply seemed that the content was a tad too dark (in my personal opinion, all critiques of writing are subjective after all), but the devices you used to deliver were ay-ok!
  • It wasnt poorly written it just didnt seem to fit into the context/ feeling of the game very well, most games it would of worked well for but it was too centered on us and not so much the world as a whole. Kinda hard to explain what i mean
  • @Faereluth, I love that you put so much thought and love into your lore. I know we are all looking forward to how this emerges from the collective imagination. You is a fully imagined glitch. :-)
  • @schiehallion23
    "the process of learning about this story might involve a certain amount of in-game legwork"

    That makes me so, so, so excited! It's an Urcheological mystery!
  • Well, we did also celebrate Croppa Day with the Mab Fest, as fae well knows but maybe we need to put eqal emphasis on all of the Giants. OTOH, maybe the Giant celebrations are what woke them (?). This time, it is the Glitchen themselves who will put the Giants back to sleep by singing their praises equally.
  • There is a idea thread for Glitch Holidays, the holidays for the most part are on the calender but nothing offical or celebrated. Some kind of offical event for each would be nice, some of them have many more possibilites of things we can do for them than others, and no idea what Eleven team was thinking of doing already for them, its just ideas a bunch of us threw out there:)
  • Glitchen love to celebrate and will celebrate pretty much anything so i think it will be fun to celebrate all of the Giants. Croppaday, a celebration of Mab, did not seem widespread but was very popular among my friends and I look forward to once again dressing as a Vegetable and celebrating!
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    Which is why something official would be nice for each, some holidays are going to be short, but some would need to be longer. An easy one though to not have anything codewise changed though would be Recurse and Recurse eve, which is the Glitch version of New Years so...partys! and Pottwoday would be feasts, so another easy one, but yeah more ideas are on the thread for it anyway:)
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